Beyond thrilled that I found Juliet word of mouth after a friend experienced significant shoulder injury recovery through her work. I have seen her twice in the past four months and both times (for different issues) have enjoyed surprisingly effective and nearly immediate relief. My fingertips were tingling for a few months before I finally decided I should find out what was going on. Juliet assessed my posture, did some work to reset my upper back and the same day my fingers totally stopped tingling. Most recently, my sacroiliac joint locked up so suddenly and severely that I could not bend over from the waist for an entire weekend! I was able to get in to see Juliet for a one-hour session and thank heavens by the time I returned home to Salem I could slowly bend over from the waist and touch my toes on my yoga mat. The relief has lasted, still feeling great. Juliet’s work is unique, gentle, holistic and highly effective. She is generous with her knowledge and expertise, as well as very friendly and enthusiastic in a contagious way! I would give her 10 stars if I could and will continue to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes each way to see her when needed.