What is PTX Posture Therapy? 


Posture therapy utilizes simple exercises, easy to perform movements, and static positions to restore posture and relieve muscle and joint pain. When your posture gets crooked, the joints start to wear unevenly causing degeneration, pinched nerves, inflammation and pain. Just like the uneven wear and damage caused by poor tire alignment, likewise crooked posture causes wear and degeneration of the joints. Unless you get your joints level and squared up to one another from head to toe, you’ll remain in pain.


Posture Therapy can solve pain when other modalities have failed, because your corrective exercise routines will address your unique postural and functional issues. This positive stimulus will bring your body back into a position of balance where it can then heal itself. 


Your full-body posture is assessed, from the direction your feet and knees point to the tilt of your head, to find out exactly where the joints have gotten crooked. Posture Therapists gather posture information and details about pain level(s) and movement abilities in order to choose the correct exercises, and then sequence them in a way that will provide the most benefit. The movements and static positions assigned restore joint mobility and function to damaged joints and improve deep muscular strength and stability from head-to-toe. The result is a lasting change in the body from crooked to straight, and from pain-ful to pain-free. 


How Is It Different?


Posture therapy is different from many other exercise or pain relief therapies in these 5 distinct ways: 


1. Every therapy routine addresses the body as a whole, not just the individual parts. 


2. Therapy programs are unique-to-each-patient, and progress uniquely as needed. 


3. The movements assigned are simple and easy to perform on your own. 


4. No special equipment is needed.


 5. The focus is always on postural and movement restoration. 

What Can I Expect?


Posture Therapy sessions begin with a complete, whole-body assessment that may involve photos, gait analysis, and functional tests. Your posture is analyzed in comparison to ideal human posture. From this assessment, your therapist will assign a routine of gentle exercises and movements that will restore proper joint angles and muscle strength, selected and sequence that’s unique-to-you. As you improve you will receive new routines that will keep you moving towards an ideal posture and a pain-free life. 

Benefits Of Posture Therapy 


Each individual exercise or movement chosen by your therapist is selected to improve the movement and function of your entire body depending on where and what you need the most in order to reduce your symptoms and improve your ability to sit, stand and move without pain. Clients who perform their daily routines experience the following benefits: improved posture, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved stability, increased strength, a reduction or complete elimination of pain, and even enhanced performance and stamina.